BCweb is the online home of Bobby Collins — Product manager, analyst and tech dreamer.


A life's career in the pursuit of bringing a positive impact to people through software.

I have spent my entire adult life—and most of my childhood—learning and working with software. As a child I was privileged when my parents bought me an Amstrad CPC 464 computer. I learned how to code and made a stick figure jump over a stick wall.

In my twenties I became a software developer working with exciting young startups and big corporations. Both worlds provided so much learning.

In my thirties, after taking a mortgage that was too big for my salary, I moonlighted my way into exhaustion. From hiring people to cover the gap, I stumbled into setting up a web development business. At my company I started to understand the value of MVP, agile and solid process and importance of team work.

Working with so many clients allowed me to experience the level of work it takes to create something worthwhile. In applying strategy, great design and product discipline we sometimes created world class software. I was privileged to work with some incredible talent and help some amazing people to achieve their goals.

After years, countless projects, and numerous ups-and-downs later, I'm still in love with how software can transform people's lives in small ways and sometimes big.

Currently, I work at InnoWell as a product owner on software that helps people deal with mental health. It's exciting to be part of a company looking to solve a big issue. I reside in Sydney with my wife and two beautiful kids. Education is a constant companion and enriches my life.


Two decades of hands-on experience and thousands of interactions. This is a partial list.
  • Product Management
  • Product strategy
  • Analytics
  • User research
  • Metrics
  • Stakeholder management
  • Team building
  • User stories
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Agile Project Management
  • Executive Liaison
  • Transformation Programs
  • Communications
  • Hybrid and Custom Project Methodologies
  • Continuous Delivery Environments
  • Content Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Privacy

To get in touch, write to hi@bcweb.com.au.